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Top 10 Viral Videos of the week! 29th July

Welcome back to the Top 10 Viral Videos of the Week! 10 – Game of Thrones may be over for this year, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop as HBO released the blooper reel from season 6! 9 – Ex-NFL Quarter Back Marcus Vick was filmed running away from police at gunpoint! 8…

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What is SEO and why is it so important for your business?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the most important factors in growing a business in the modern day, so why is it consistently overlooked by so many companies? SEO is the way in which a company can make their business appear before everyone else on popular search engines. Appearing higher in these search engines increases the traction towards…

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Top 10 Viral Videos of the Week! 22nd July

Welcome back to the Top 10 Viral Videos of the week! 10 – There’s a snake in my boot!   9 – This little deer was in big trouble until a man jumped into the lake it was drowning in to save it!   8 – These two lads went to composer John Williams’ house…

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How Social Media Marketing can help your Business

Social Media is becoming increasingly important by the day in the field of marketing as everything has started to move online. Newspapers are dying out while TV and Film are in decline with the rapid advance in Online streaming websites such as Netflix and Now TV.   With that in mind many marketers have turned to…

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Top 10 Viral Videos of the week! 15th July

Welcome back to the Top 10 viral videos of the week! 10 – Pokemon Go was only released last week but it is already taking over people’s lives as this video shows! 9 – The moment that the ceiling of an apartment collapsed in New York. 8 – David Cameron sang a little song to…

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Pokemon Go and the rise of augmented reality

With over 15 million downloads and a whole lot of buzz online Pokemon Go has been taking the internet and the app store by storm! Pokemon has been around for years but what is it about this new app that is making grown adults explore the streets with the same enthusiasm they had as children on their gameboys? Pokemon…

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Top 10 Viral Videos of the week! June 8th 2016

Welcome to the Top 10 Viral Videos of the week! Your way of keeping up with the latest, funniest and most entertaining videos trending on the internet. 10 – American president Barack Obama has been making the news for all the right reasons again as he celebrated Independence day and his daughters birthday with a…

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How will Brexit affect video marketing?

There is no denying that the Brexit vote is having an impact on the economy and therefore marketing budgets and execution of campaigns, here we explore and summarise opinion and debate about the effect that Brexit will have on content marketing: The Drum highlights marketers are either pulling or pausing advertising spend just a week after…

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the next big technique being used by agencies, however it is what Viral Seeding have been doing since the company launched. We have a database of influencers and contacts who are excited to help promote brands, charities and products. Some business claim that the return on investment can be 6x what they…

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Video Marketing Agency

What do you look for in a video marketing agency? Dedicated account manager to manage your campaign from beginning to end and advise on content and seeding strategy. A wealth of experience seeding campaigns – we can advise case studies and evidence of previous success in seeding campaigns Video marketing agency should have strong relationships…

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