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Video Marketing Agency

What do you look for in a video marketing agency? Dedicated account manager to manage your campaign from beginning to end and advise on content and seeding strategy. A wealth of experience seeding campaigns – we can advise case studies and evidence of previous success in seeding campaigns Video marketing agency should have strong relationships…

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Psy took the internet by storm in 2012

How to make a viral video

Gangnam Style, Dramatic Gopher, Star Wars Kid… if you’ve been around on the internet for a while, you’ll no doubt know about them. Even if you haven’t seen them, chances are you have heard of them, because that is the power of the internet. It can take a video of a cat who looks grumpy…

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Tips on how to avoid a copyright strike on YouTube

You love making videos. You have a solid subscriber base who fill your comments section with sass and demands, yet you like to make them laugh so you continuously try to top yourself. One time, you release a video which has a clip from a movie in it – that would make a hilarious reference,…

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The Hardest ‘Would You Rather’ quiz

A thought provoking new quiz asks some very difficult questions:


The future of promoting video on twitter

Up until recently, if you wanted to share a video on Twitter you would need to capture it then edit and upload it to a video sharing network. With the launch of Twitter’s new video feature, users now have the ability to capture and upload 30-second videos directly to their Twitter. So what does this mean…

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5 top tips on how to prepare a video seeding strategy

For every campaign that we seed at Viral Seeding we put together a seeding strategy. Here’s an overview of what is useful to consider when preparing for seeding: 1) Target Market Who do we want to target? What country, age, male or female? The content should be created so as to appeal to your audience. 2) Content You…

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The rise of multi-platform video

If you log into Facebook it’s most likely your timeline will be littered with people liking and sharing a range of funny or interesting video clips. Facebook has become an increasing popular platform for video sharing. With quick upload time and ad free, pages like Hellou and The LAD Bible are able to entertaining their millions of growing fans.…

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Introducing popular new streaming app ‘Periscope’

Twitter has launched Periscope, an app that broadcasts live video filmed by your smartphone to your followers on the social network allowing public and private broadcasts from brands, celebrities and regular users alike. Since its launch Persicope has been the host to concerts, runway shows and lots of behind-the-scenes footage of TV’s biggest shows. Want…

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Round-up of this years best April Fools videos

It’s that time of the year again when brands pull about the stops for the best April Fools jokes. Here is a round-up up of the years best videos. Costa and a Kip – Costa are trialling the Ostrich Pillow which allows customers the chance to have a quick nap during the 2PM/3PM slump. T-Mobile…

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Banton Frameworks

Banton Frameworks began with a curiosity to create individual eyewear. They believe in giving you the choice to compose your own frame. Over the last three years they have developed a range of designs, materials, colours and finishes for their products, which total over 250 combinations. They have sourced specialist processes from across the country and use…

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