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Ben & Jerry’s Cow Dance

Boadicea, who will be performing at the Olympic games, performed a cow dance flash mob in London to the amazement of passing commuters. It was to launch to ‘Supporting Better Dairy’, a campaign to improve welfare and living standards for dairy cows across Europe, a collaboration between ice-cream company Ben & Jerry’s and leading animal…

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Amazing Time-Lapse – This is Our Planet

Amazing time-lapse of the Earth from the ISS. Incredible views of Earth, aurora, stars, lightning storms and even parts of the ISS Tomislav Safundžić composed “This is Our Planet” with photos and video from the Image Science and Analysis Laboratory at the NASA-Johnson Space Center Music: The XX – Intro

DC & Ken Block – Gymkhana FIVE: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco

Pretty much 4 million views and 77k likes in 24 hours! Ken Block and DC are BIG… big enough to get streets and the Bay Bridge in San Francisco closed down so they can hoon around in that crazy 650hp Ford Fiesta HFHV. Watch and enjoy.

Man Interviews his 12 year old self

What would it be like if you could go back in time and talk to a younger version of yourself? Filmmaker and actor Jeremiah McDonald got to experience that process — in a way — thanks to a video tape he made for his future self back in 1992.

Duxcoat Wet T-shirt Accident

Wolff Olin’s Then. Now. Next builds on Mary Meeker’s ‘Reimagination of Everything’

Mary Meeker, one of Fortune Magazine’s “ten smartest people in tech”, released her latest set of internet trends data in May. The report, which has been trending ever since, provides an eye-popping picture of future internet trends: Mary Meeker’s ‘Reimagination of Everything’ really captured Wolff Olin’s attention. In this section of her presentation she takes…

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Domestic violence viral video

A very effective way of raising awareness of domestic violence – approach a youtube influencer who makes make up videos and has a huge following and ask her to make a video with tips to cover up the injuries sustained through domestic violence. Makes for difficult viewing

Le Miroir

A short film that tells the story of life through a mirror Reminds us of the technique used in Samsung’s Youtube HD camera challenge:

Why videos go viral

Kevin Allocca is YouTube’s trends manager, and he has deep thoughts about silly web video. In this talk from TEDYouth, he shares the 4 reasons a video goes viral. We agree with what is covered, and it’s the tastemakers who are the people that Viral Seeding reaches out to with your content to ensure that…

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The Truth About Stanley

No home, no belongings, plenty of baggage. A short film about a man, his stories and the boy who listened, by award-winning director Lucy Tcherniak. The film tells the story of an unlikely friendship between an old Congolese man and a young runaway, living rough on the streets. The Truth About Stanley is a story…

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