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Booth at the end

The Booth at the End is a web series for Fox Entertainment that seems to have been made for the age of internet and short attention spans. The entire series is broken down into 62 short episodes with one episode released each day. Xander Berkley (24, CSI, Terminator 2) stars as a mysterious man who…

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Lee Washington Design blog

The design side of my blog has now been moved and will continue at design blog The marketing side will continue here for the foreseeable future

New series of Top Gear

Sony NEX5 launches Facebook comp

Sweet camera that combines the best of both worlds of SLR and compact. Now there’s a chance to win one in a very simple competition that taps into that part of Facebook that we all like to make sure really reflects who we are – the profile picture. The SONY NEX5 Profile Hero competition has…

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Pizza Express Living Lab

Pizza Express has created the Living Lab concept restaurant at their Richmond location in London where they are experimenting with just about everything, from design and acoustics to service and food with a concept restaurant put together by a creative team including architect Ab Rogers, fashion designer Matthew Miller, artist Enzo Apicella and graphic designers…

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Top Gear Stig Farm

Twenty5 Ethiopia

Twenty years after the great famine in Ethiopia, two young filmmakers, Nic Yeeles and Ehsan Bhatti, were given the opportunity to explore how Ethiopia has changed as a result of our generous donations 25 years ago. The task was to create something unique, that goes against everything we’re used to seeing in a charity video.…

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Tiger Beer Know the not Known

‘Know The Not Known’ has just been launched by Tiger Beer and features up and coming contemporary talents from the four fields of art, music, design and film and will provide access to the best parties in London. Through their Facebook page your curiosity is rewarded by access to underground, invite only, Vice magazine and…

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Russell Hobbs starts global hunt for K1 kettle

In 1955 the K1 kettle was released by Russell Hobbs, it was revolutionary, being the first kettle in the world to automatically turn itself off once boiled – up until this point the kettle needed to be watched so that it did not boil dry, the K1 solved this problem with a valve switch that…

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Doc Martens goes apocalyptic

For the latest in Dr Martens 50th anniversary celebrations at Dr. Martens 50 – Michael Davis of MC5 & D.O.A. cover Cold War Kids’ Something Is Not Right With Me. The video, directed by Klaus Thymann features some jet ski jousted. Pretty damn cool

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