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Sound off for Justice – Access Denied

The campaign, Sound off for Justice has just released this film, it’s called ‘Access Denied’ and aims to draw attention to the governments proposed cuts to Legal Aid – those needing help in cases of medical negligence, divorce, employment and welfare will no longer have access – effectively they will be silenced and this interactive…

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Motorola Xoom at Carphone Warehouse demo viral

To demonstrate how incredible this next generation device is, The Carphone Warehouse decided to put the Motorola XOOM 3G to the ultimate test, with a video crew capturing the XOOM gloriously fulfilling its potential in all kinds of hair raising situations. To view the video which includes a race along the Thames, a stomach churning…

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2 Fly by The Score

The Score are a super talented five piece group from LA and London who produce, write and compose all their own music blending R&B, soul, hip-hop, jazz and pop. They have already worked with Basement Jaxx, Faith Evans, Jada Pinkett Smith, Lindsay Lohan, jazz legend Marcus Miller, Natasha Bedingfield, Omarion and Rhian Benson. They have…

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What is Black Helix?

Alternate Reality games (ARG), otherwise known as Transmedia games cross multiple platforms to fully involve the player with real world elements such a parcels in the post, phone calls and co-ordinates for meetings. They are fully immersive games in which players interact with the characters as well as each other. Each ARG has a trailhead…

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Booth at the end

The Booth at the End is a web series for Fox Entertainment that seems to have been made for the age of internet and short attention spans. The entire series is broken down into 62 short episodes with one episode released each day. Xander Berkley (24, CSI, Terminator 2) stars as a mysterious man who…

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Lee Washington Design blog

The design side of my blog has now been moved and will continue at design blog The marketing side will continue here for the foreseeable future

New series of Top Gear

Sony NEX5 launches Facebook comp

Sweet camera that combines the best of both worlds of SLR and compact. Now there’s a chance to win one in a very simple competition that taps into that part of Facebook that we all like to make sure really reflects who we are – the profile picture. The SONY NEX5 Profile Hero competition has…

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Pizza Express Living Lab

Pizza Express has created the Living Lab concept restaurant at their Richmond location in London where they are experimenting with just about everything, from design and acoustics to service and food with a concept restaurant put together by a creative team including architect Ab Rogers, fashion designer Matthew Miller, artist Enzo Apicella and graphic designers…

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