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Interesting way to promote a book

For the release of the book Deception their is a viral campaign where they have brought the lead character to life as he investigates the murder of Elise Freeman at The website features an evidence area and an online test to determine your criminal empathy – although apparently I am a ‘victim’ and am…

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Extraordinary videos

Intercasino and the Raindance,the UK’s largest independent film organisation ran a short film comp on youtube called ‘Welcome to the extraordinary’ – the brief was to demonstrate what the extraordinary meant to them. Some pretty cool vids, my favourite is ‘Extraordinary toys’ Manhatten 4:33pm is also pretty clever: There’s a lot more at Welcome to…

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Bulmer’s launches iphone app

There’s still a tiny bit of British Summer left, and even better, it’s a Bank holiday weekend so it’s time to head to the nearest pub garden and soak it all in before the leaves turn brown and we all lock ourselves away in our homes for six months gazing longingly out of the window…

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Taking cinema to the next level

Secret Cinema is a cool concept – the secret part is that you don’t know the movie and you only know the location two days before. I went along to one of the first Secret events a couple of year’s back. In fact, if you look at this video at 1:16 is an interview with…

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Facebook T shirts in a book

It’s been a white since I’ve posted about Facebook T shirts. The mini business is still going – I sell a handful of T shirts each month. I’m not spending as much time on it as I used to as I build on my viral marketing business. I’d like to spend a bit more time…

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The Suso Master

The guys at SUSO have always claimed to be about more than just a fizzy juice drink. Their brand ideology, as presented on their website at, shows us that when we harness our imagination, creativity and determination there is nothing we can’t do. Here are found tales of achievement in adversity – of people…

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A-Team comes to iphone. What you wait’n for fool?

Here’s a sweet new app for the iphone that I’ve been involved with. The A-Team Action Pack You can relive those classic episodes or create your own over-the-top action sequences with vehicle sounds, catchphrases and motion activated weapon sound effects. If you need to see more check out this demo showing what you can do…

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Clothes peg

Continuing the theme of how design can help improve the quality of peoples’ lives is this video from Product Tank

Jane vs the remote

I went down to this year’s RCA Product Design show and was thoroughly impressed and inspired. For me one of the most interesting and successful projects was by Tom Stables who created an overlay for remote controls to make them easier to use for the elderly. The video is a great example of how observing…

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Mum’s revenge

Boppy have just created this game to test your knowledge of breastfeeding. Not something that I know about so it was quite fun trying to guess the answers. Requires Flash Player

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