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Developed by MIT these little blocks could revolutionise education – I particularly like the way they can be used to create sums and words. It does appear to be that successful products today create the hardware that supports open source software that allows for infinite possibilities – the iphone being the best example of this.…

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T shirt sale now on

One Man Band is still going, but I think this year I shall be working on it slightly less so that I can focus on the design and marketing side of things. I have therefore started a sale on the site to sell the remaining stock that I have – some great T shirts from…

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New viral seeding launch

Happy new year! I’m starting the new year by getting through all the jobs I’ve been meaning to do, building the foundations so that the rest of the year goes nice and smoothly. First off I’ve and created better branding and redesigned my Viral Seeding website which now includes most of the campaigns I have…

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Perspective on the same

Checking the news this morning, it was interesting to see two different view points of exactly the same data. Why it’s important to use the internet to get news from as many different perspectives as possible.


An excellent short film beautifully shot with a superb track. The tension builds and builds until… Metal on Metal “BASTARD” from The Glue Society on Vimeo. via the superb 22GL

Got a dog? There’s an app for that

The applications for iphone are staggering and I am currently seeding my first iphone application – Dogbook. While at first you wouldn’t believe there could be an iphone app for your dog, it is actually incredibly useful. You can locate the nearest park anywhere in the world via your location on GPS, you can see…

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Record breaking cocktail genius!

Currently seeding this viral for TGI Fridays featuring some pretty awesome bar tricks – particularly like the flaming sambucca’s. It’s from Viral Factory who are always very good at making virals that make people have huge debates in the comments section as to which bits are real and which bits are fake. Creates a lot…

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Design and cycling update

The project is going well. I wanted to share the entire process with you, but as soon as I moved to generating concepts I realised that in order to protect my ideas it wouldn’t be a good idea to post them on the web. While initially I’m all for sharing ideas, the tangle proof headphones…

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Making cycling safer

One of the conclusions of the survey was that a big barrier that prevents a lot of people from cycling is that it is viewed as being too dangerous, and given that most of the cycling accidents are caused by a collision with a car or pedestrian, I started thinking of ways for cycling to…

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Bike in the home

In my survey, 59% of cyclists keep their bikes in their house and I’m curious as to how they are kept! Many of the respondents keep the bike in their kitchen. This is a call for submissions of photos of bikes in the home – are they hung on the wall? Or just kept in…

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