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Let Tiger beer guide you

LinkedTube Working with Exposure to promote their iphone application for tiger Beer. It being the year of the Tiger as of the 14th of February they have very cleverly made them the source for all things Chinese New Year. They have a microsite which provides an excellent guide to the goings on plus an iphone…

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Cycling project completed

After one of the busiest weeks of my life and an all nighter I have submitted my final self directed project at college. Very pleased with it all and think I have a product that has potential to be sold in shops. Needs more work to bring it to market though. Next up is the…

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Create the perfect woman (or man) for yourself

I am currently seeding this campaign for Surrogates release on DVD and blu-ray, I’m working with Firebelly Creative who have made an online game where you can make your perfect woman or man at SurrodateEnter your preferences for eye and hair colour along with your interests and it will generate your Surrodate. This is what…

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Developed by MIT these little blocks could revolutionise education – I particularly like the way they can be used to create sums and words. It does appear to be that successful products today create the hardware that supports open source software that allows for infinite possibilities – the iphone being the best example of this.…

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T shirt sale now on

One Man Band is still going, but I think this year I shall be working on it slightly less so that I can focus on the design and marketing side of things. I have therefore started a sale on the site to sell the remaining stock that I have – some great T shirts from…

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New viral seeding launch

Happy new year! I’m starting the new year by getting through all the jobs I’ve been meaning to do, building the foundations so that the rest of the year goes nice and smoothly. First off I’ve and created better branding and redesigned my Viral Seeding website which now includes most of the campaigns I have…

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Perspective on the same

Checking the news this morning, it was interesting to see two different view points of exactly the same data. Why it’s important to use the internet to get news from as many different perspectives as possible.


An excellent short film beautifully shot with a superb track. The tension builds and builds until… Metal on Metal “BASTARD” from The Glue Society on Vimeo. via the superb 22GL

Got a dog? There’s an app for that

The applications for iphone are staggering and I am currently seeding my first iphone application – Dogbook. While at first you wouldn’t believe there could be an iphone app for your dog, it is actually incredibly useful. You can locate the nearest park anywhere in the world via your location on GPS, you can see…

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Record breaking cocktail genius!

Currently seeding this viral for TGI Fridays featuring some pretty awesome bar tricks – particularly like the flaming sambucca’s. It’s from Viral Factory who are always very good at making virals that make people have huge debates in the comments section as to which bits are real and which bits are fake. Creates a lot…

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