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Making cycling safer

One of the conclusions of the survey was that a big barrier that prevents a lot of people from cycling is that it is viewed as being too dangerous, and given that most of the cycling accidents are caused by a collision with a car or pedestrian, I started thinking of ways for cycling to…

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Bike in the home

In my survey, 59% of cyclists keep their bikes in their house and I’m curious as to how they are kept! Many of the respondents keep the bike in their kitchen. This is a call for submissions of photos of bikes in the home – are they hung on the wall? Or just kept in…

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The results are in

Firsty, a huge thank you to all those that took part. Here are the results from the cyclist research. Overall conclusions Non Cyclists-Cycling is perceived as being dangerous by non-cyclists, despite 75% of cyclists surveyed feeling safe. Perception of safety is a key part of getting non cylists cycling as once they begin cycling and…

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Thanks for your comments

A quick note to say thanks for your comments so far – it’s really good to get feedback, particularly when I start posting up the initial ideas. Thanks also to those that filled out the survey. I would still love some more responses from the non cyclist – so if you live in London, but…

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Housemate in accident

This week my housemate was knocked off his bike and sustained a head injury requiring nine stitches. He wasn’t wearing a helmet. There’s a full account on 22GL As my project progresses I am focusing more and more on the safety elements of cycling and how this can be improved.

Week two

Large goods vehicles are the main cause of death of cyclists in London, and this is an area that I am examining. I conducted an interview with a very helpful driver called Ray who let me sit in the cabin and experience the view of the road. Visibility of cyclists was is huge problem, especially…

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Bike Tree

Slightly cheesy production values but an excellent solution of storing bikes out of the reach of criminals. I would however imagine that this is prohibitively expensive and would require maintenance – all things that would prevent an employer or council installing it.

Nike Plus

Nike plus represents the commercialisation of a sporting activity with a series of products that are designed to encourage running and increase the enjoyment of running. They may have asked themselves the question “How do we get more people running” just as I am asking “How do we get more people cycling?” How they did…

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iphone Arider

Personally I see a lot of problems with this design. Firstly you lose vision in one eye due to the eyepiece, or at least you’ll struggle to focus between that and the road. Then you have the iphone on your head scenario – it will be annoying if you need to change where you’re heading…

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Light Lane

Whilst offering no more protection, the light lane does at least show the overtaking vehicle how much space to give the cyclist.

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