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Latest Kluster

My latest Design Den for Kluster magazine just went out.

Viral seeding

A nice case study from Rubber Republic on viral seeding – it is all about tailoring the message to the audience which is the approach that I take – who will find the content relevant? 500,000 Views In 4 Days – BBC Viral Case Study View more documents from RubberRepublic. For a list of projects…

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Guide to London Design Festival

This year’s London Design Festival takes place from 19th to 27th September and here are some of the highlights that are worth checking out if you’re in the city. My best piece of advice would be to pick up the Icon Design Trail Guide which is distributed around the festival. Australian superstar designer, Marc Newson…

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Did you know 4.0

The latest video doing the rounds in marketing land that points to how the internet is where it’s at and mobile internet is set to be even bigger: Some nice stats in there and it’s nicely executed. However, let’s not all get carried away here, so to play devil’s advocate I thought I’d put my…

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Can you replay the tune

I have just started working on seeding this heart warming campaign for a band called One EskimO. Their self-titled debut album provides the backdrop for a groundbreaking audio-visual experience combining music and animation in the first ever visual album “The adventures of One eskimO” The trailer for the adventure can be found at Find little…

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The PUMA index – a genius idea

A new iphone app from Puma – the girls undress as the stock market goes down. Works for me.

FInd LIttle Feather

Robert Hammond from High Line

Just watched this. Hugely inspiring and I urge you to watch it. Interesting things I took away: – the importance of the logo early on– How an image that gives peoples ideas and stimulate debate is more important than a fancy rendering of how it will look.– How you need to prove the economic argument…

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Amron experimental

Some nice product design from Scott Amron – simple and insightful. Although I can’t help but think the keyring key would be a bit difficult to use

Music fun at incredibox

A wonderfully simple and highly entertaining website – make your own funky music to listen to, it’s all at incredibox

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