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Rapid protyped USB

Just stole this off a colleague’s desk – a rapid prototyped Asics USB. It has instant cool appeal and I want to steal it. But I’m going to go put it back on her desk now.

Golden rules of online success

Been thinking about the internet and what makes it tick. Basic thought is that is it a medium of entertainment and ‘making life easier’. If something does one or both of these it’ll succeed: Within entertainment there are elements-originality-humour-reward Within ‘makes life easier’ there are elements-effort required-information provided-communication Facebook – entertainment and makes life easierTwitter…

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New London architecture

Just stumbled upon the New London Architecture – the centre for London’s built environment near where I work and went in for a visit at lunch. Really interesting exhibitions and videos of how London’s skyline is changing. I’m facinated by London’s architecture and how the city is changing – new projects such as Crossrail, The…

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Sam Hill Design

I first came across Sam Hill’s work at his degree show when he presented a series of experiments in experience and risk value. A facinating project where he challenged himself to do increasing embarrasing things an take risks – what made it so effective is his scientific approach to it all. His blog is also…

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I fixed it

A nice site of people’s attempts to fix things, proving that there is a designer in everyone. Or maybe not, some of these frankly dangerous, but occationally there is a gem that shows a nice bit of problem solving. Link hereI fixed it Found on Brandflakesforbreakfast who found it at Urban Outfitters (both also worth…

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Back from holiday

Blog has been a bit quiet of late as I was off on holiday. I thought I’d be depressed on returning to London having spent a week in a beautiful village in Dorset and going to the beach. However, on my return I had one of those days that reminded me why I live in…

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Pan lid cotinued…

A couple of posts back I wrote my ideas for a new pan lid – at home at the weekend I saw this which is basically the idea, although this object is a mat to put pans on – so it’s this with the ring closer together so that it can fit onto any pan.…

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Work of florentijn Hofman

A selection of really interesting projects that challenge notion of space and scale. Check out his site

Interactive video from the Met Office

Another excellently executed piece of content that hopefully gets the message across. Particularly effective as the target audience spends a lot of its time online on youtube.

Naughty Ashes Chat

Check out Tim Lovejoy’s Channelbee for more

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