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Building a web presence

I’m sometimes asked how to go about building an online presence – whether it be for sharing design work or people starting a business. Generally this is what I tell them. To begin with you set up a Facebook page for people to join – it is free and provides a discussion board, people can…

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Stay in touch

I get a reasonable amount of traffic to this blog which is nice – acts as a nice incentive to keep it alive and well. So if you’re new to the blog, feel free to subscribe to the weekly newsletter by entering you’re email in the box to the right which means you get to…

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Police launch Be Younique campaign with urinating man

If you wish to enter to be the face of Police for 2010 – then check out their microsite

Josiah Emsley

He’s in my class at college and has a blog here. Definitely worth checking out for great photography and other design insights.

tube finder iphone augmented reality app

A nice example of an excellent application of technology. The potential to have use augmented reality to overlay information on anything is really interesting. Apparently it’s been submitted to apple so should be out soon.


One of the main things I have learnt doing my degree is observation. Looking at peoples’ behaviour and looking for opportunities where perhaps design can help. This will be the most important part of my bike project – why has that person locked their bike like that? Why are they carrying their shopping on their…

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Bollard lights

I’ve completed the design and started printing them on the vinyl printer. On my way home from the studio I couldn’t help but put a couple up. I’m afraid the photography is just with my mobile.

test run of bollard light

While the news of MJ’s death was hitting the world, we were out doing a test run of the bollard sticker – we applied this part printed version to see how it would look. Overall a success with a bit of refinement needed – namely that I don’t make such as pigs ear of sticking…

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Light Lane

My final year project is going to be looking into ways of encouraging more people to cycle in London. Whilst researching I came across this nice concept called Light Lane

22GL Zombie Apocalypse party

Last week me and my housemates threw the end of year party with a zombie theme. The house was quarantined. The neighbours were wondering what the hell was going on. And we partied until the sun came up.

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