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Prince’s Rainforest Project

College has now basically finished for the summer and this week I returned to Cake working on the Prince’s Rainforest Project. Really nice animated video that gets across the message: Offer your support here

cheering up concept generation

Here are some of the sheets from my current project on cheering up – looking at ways of cheering up the home, commute and office


My housemates and I have started a blog at which I am contributing to. We are slowly forming ourselves into a design collective and will shortly be working on projects together. I intend to continue writing this blog, but it’s also definitely worth paying the design blog a visit, adding it to your RSS…

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Cloud by Troika

Also check out their website for an interesting insight into the design process and engineering behind it. Incredible.

Kitchen Carousel

We decided to make our own parody of Phillips Carousel of us having breakfast Kitchen Carousel from 22GLproductions on Vimeo.

Woman in shower

Just completed my latest print. It’s in a limited edition of 150 and on sale at the shop on my website. It is also available though the One Deko shop in London’s Spitalfield market.

microwave rendering

Just completed this in Rhino with hypershot rendering.

Secret of happiness

My research continues – this is a not bad video that sums up the talks on TED The Secret of Happiness from Maria Popova on Vimeo.

Spilt tea

I see

Watch this. Preferably with headphones on – I happened to have headphones on and being immersed in the video made it even better. It’s goosebump central. One of the best videos I’ve seen – makes you reflect on life itself. via cloudplum

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