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Chemical Brothers video

One of my favourite music videos has to be Michel Gondry’s for Chemical Brother’s Star Guitar. I remember watching this video at first and thinking it was kinda boring – it’s just looking out of a train window. Then you realise that each thing going by is perfectly timed to the music, chimney stacks rise…

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The work of Julien Vallee

Just came across the work of Julien Vallee Folded paper never looked so good.

Design Wright

I’ve started a two week placement with the Design Wright, a small design agency that do kitchen ware. Really enjoying it and it’s great to be in a studio. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what I’m working on as it’s confidential but it’s a really interesting project.

printer’s studio

I visited the Yannick who prints my canvas prints at his studio this week – I’d gone over to pick up my latest one to deliver to One Deko. It was quite a fun trip, I had to take a small boat across the river Thames from the millenium dome – the view from his…

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coaster coaster

Not sure where the idea came from, I was just doing some work and thought it would be funny. Here’s the first sketchand the final laser engraved coaster. At first you cannot see the image but on closer inspection you see that it contains a rollar coaster. It is a coaster coaster. This will be…

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Prince’s Rainforest Project

College has now basically finished for the summer and this week I returned to Cake working on the Prince’s Rainforest Project. Really nice animated video that gets across the message: Offer your support here

cheering up concept generation

Here are some of the sheets from my current project on cheering up – looking at ways of cheering up the home, commute and office


My housemates and I have started a blog at which I am contributing to. We are slowly forming ourselves into a design collective and will shortly be working on projects together. I intend to continue writing this blog, but it’s also definitely worth paying the design blog a visit, adding it to your RSS…

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Cloud by Troika

Also check out their website for an interesting insight into the design process and engineering behind it. Incredible.

Kitchen Carousel

We decided to make our own parody of Phillips Carousel of us having breakfast Kitchen Carousel from 22GLproductions on Vimeo.

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