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Martin Seligman: Positive Psychology

My research on my project is really interesting. Just watch this talk on positive psychology on TED. If you have 30 minutes it’s definitely worth watching:

When free isn’t quite free

Came across this in my local Borders. It made me smile to think that enough people were taking the Time Out that they needed to make a sign. It’s also a nice insight into design – what did Time Out expect when they designed this cover!

Evening Standard headlines

While researching, I came across an excellent photo set of Evening Standard Headlines. Doom, gloom and panic on the streets of London

Cheering up

For my project this term, I am undertaking a self initiated project. The title is “Let’s all cheer up. Designing for recession.” The aim is to create a product that helps people to see the brighter side of life and realise that things are so bad. I have created an online survey, just to get…

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Amazing Phillips video

via Brandflakesforbreakfast

Samsung HD Camera trick challenge

I’m currently working on the latest Samsung viral. Which is this nice little offering that was created with no editing or computer wizardry. It also very cleverly advertises the fact that the camera in the phone is HD – the concept being watch the video in HD and trying to figure out how it was…

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How NOT to get ahead in the creative industries

We had someone on work experience at Cake last week – he was very good, helping me out on some seeding work. He was fairly freshly out of uni and wanted to get involved in some creative work and ended up leaving half way through his placement. What’s worst is that he sent an email…

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Back to college for the Summer term

Returned to college for the final term of the second year. Carrying out a self directed project this term which’ll be interesting.

Cleartouch’s new website

The Cleartouch website has just relaunched offering bespoke wedding stationery This has been a really interesting project for me that has brought together all of the areas I enjoy working in. I designed most of the products, oversaw the redevelopment of the website and now I will be promoting it both on and offline. Definitely…

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CT scans of products

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