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I feel so used…

Somebody wrote this on the toilet roll at our houseparty. I thought it was funny.

Bboy stop frame animation

Excellent stop frame animation and interactive youtube video. The how to video is also pretty damn interesting:

Barclaycard spoof from a friend of mine

I’m not involved in this campaign but I like it – I posted the original ‘spoof’ from Barclaycard a week back. A friend of mine who is a director has just entered and sent me an email about it. His video is called 8-BIT Waterslide in REAL LIFE! by Teaandcheese. I’ve included it here because…

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Anti eco music video

The first 30 seconds of this is pretty funny – as far as a viral goes its too long – asking someone for 3 mins of attention is a lifetime on the internet. If I’d have been involved in this campaign I would have made a short video with the full vid on the microsite.…

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22GL Graffiti party

I live in a house with three other people from my course which is fantastic. We’re toying with the idea of setting ourselves up as a design collective as we work well together, often staying up pretty much all night working on projects – we’re also skilled in different areas, from illustration to photography to…

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Launching my own viral seeding service

Today I put my new website live for my viral seeding services. In my three years at Cake I have worked a huge range of projects and some high profile brands and it has been an idea of mine for some time to go freelance and offer my services to a wider range of agencies.…

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World Builder

A nice short film with some incredible rendering. I’m also a big fan of Vimeo – the embedded player is so much nicer than youtube’s as while the video is playing you just get the video – no youtube logo over the top, no ads, it also seems a sharper image. Of course youtube will…

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Barclaycard spoof

Has a similar feel to the Pot Noodle Guiness spoof from last year

Photos of the snow

It’s been a couple of weeks since it happened, but thought I’d share my photos of the snow. In my opinion it was exactly what this city needed. For one day everyone seemed to forget their worries and enjoy themselves. The park near me was filled with people playing in the snow, the roads were…

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Photos from the camera project

And the final model – cast silicone rubber.

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