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Free to a good home – one pound

Just came across this ad on gumtree for our rather battered pound. Nicely done.

A new bus for London

I find this very exciting and look forward to when the new Routemaster hits London’s streets. I’ve never been a fan of the bendy bus and believe that the public transport of a city has a huge impact on the wellbeing of its citizens. I like this winning design. I love the return of the…

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Merry Christmas from AKQA

A nice little Christmas viral from AKQA

Find shelter..

It’s fascinating to see the way that the current economic situation is spun in adverts. Just heard a corker on the radio “Find shelter from the economic climate with the army”

Credit Crunch Monopoly

I had an idea for a version of Monopoly. Much like the version you are used to, but with each turn the price of all property increases and the money received when passing Go increases. Things keep going in a frenzy of buying until there is no money left in the bank. Then all property…

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Motorola photo comp

I like competitions that encourage a bit of creativity and I’m currently working on this campaign for Motorola where entrants upload a photo that encapsulates their home city to a Facebook page The work of the eight photographers were commissioned to capture 24 hours in their home city is also worth a look. The best…

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Santa’s grotto

Here’s some pics of the grotto that we built for the toy shop near where I live. It took three days, was a lot of hard work but I learnt a lot and am very proud of what we put together for them.


A couple of weeks back we visited the art installation, Seizure. Artist Roger Hiorns sealed an old council flat and filled it to the brim with copper sulphate solution. Two weeks later, they opened up the flat. It was a really good installation – completely transforming the interior with every surface encrusted with blue crystals.…

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Came across this video on Thought gadgets London (harder, better, faster, stronger) from David Hubert on Vimeo. I love living in London. It’s not the easiest of cities to live in and sometimes it pisses me right off but it has its moments that make me feel happy to be here.

Single? Lonely? Let Facebook help you

Talking of targeted advertising. All of my Facebook ads look like this: I’ve just set my status to single, but this is ridiculous

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