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Richard Baybutt photography

If you get a chance, head over to Richard Baybutt for some superb photography.

Big Lunch

Really like this idea – a series of big lunches held all over the country. We need more of this kind of thing – encouraging communities to come together. I’ve been rambling on for some time about how there isn’t enough of this kind of thing in London and so I’m going to eat my…

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Naked woman

Working on a new Naked woman print. This is what my screen looks like as I scan in the drawings and redraw and redraw her until I’m happy.

G20 protest

I attended. Never been to protest before and decided to go to add myself to the number of people who want their voice to be heard in this mess. I took this photo, I found it ironic that the man filming the protest go by had just been to Harrod’s

Georgia on my mind.

Right now I’m loving the font Georgia in Italics (the titles for this blog), especially when used with Ariel or Helvetica. I’m using it on all my documents now. I have officially become a geek.

DAD project

The deadline for the DandAD student awards is on Monday. I think I’m going to enter, and do the project in one day on Saturday – a nice quick design project. In a new twist I think I’ll twitter and blog as I do it, if you wanna see how it goes, then head over…

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In Your Face

I remember watching the fantastically hilarious Adam and Joe show years back. Adam is still making awesome stuff. More stuff at his website This is a great reworking of Obama’s speach:

Facebook redesign reduces it’s ability to spread content

My early impression is that the new design reduces Facebook’s ability to spread content online. Whereas before, the news feed would report on groups and events that friends were attending, the new design does not. Therefore if someone joins a group no one really knows about it. A shame really as a lot of groups…

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I feel so used…

Somebody wrote this on the toilet roll at our houseparty. I thought it was funny.

Bboy stop frame animation

Excellent stop frame animation and interactive youtube video. The how to video is also pretty damn interesting:

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