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Photos from the camera project

And the final model – cast silicone rubber.

Some stuff from my course

My degree takes up most of my time at the moment – I’m loving it, although have to admit that it does seem to be the only thing I do and to a certain extent, a lot of my ‘projects’ are on hold purely because I don’t have the time. Overall though, it’s great and…

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Facebook is more addictive than crack vest

Someone has added photos to the Facebook group It’s great to see people enjoying my designs and having fun with it. More at One Man Band


Here’s something that made me laugh

Laser etching wood

Working at Zone Creations there’s often some interesting stuff being run on the lasers – we’ve just finished a window display for Harrods and are about to make some panels for Buckingham Palace. Today, whilst in the workshop, one of the machines was engraving the top of a wooden barrel – burning off the top…

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The Apple Wheel

Made me smile Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

Song for Someone

Song for Someone a business venture by a good friend of mine has just relaunched and now offers an even wider range of songs that are personalised and can be downloaded instantly. The site is now really easy to use, with previews of songs available for just about every name imaginable (I believe there’s 400…

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Augmented reality software

Interesting new technology, the user has a cube in the real world and thecamera maps the character onto it on the screen. An iphone ap came out lastweek with it, and it’s getting some buzz on a few blogs:Design Boom Etre Has pretty limited appeal because the user has to have a webcam, but is…

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Freebies freebies freebies

So searches for online vouchers are going through the roof. It seems to be that the best way of promoting a product/service in 2009 will be to run a comp and place it on other websites. This week I’ve been doing just that for Mororola and Ben & Jerry’s. Ben & Jerry’s is an interesting…

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Glasses for one billion people

Was just reading this on The Guardian about a pair of glasses that can be adjusted by adding or removing fluid. I’d heard about it a year or so ago, but they have some bold plans for them – one billion people need them. I’ll still floating about deciding what area of design I’d like…

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