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Sweet illustration

My housemate, Rocky Yip, did this. Sweet illustration that I’m going to put into production as a T shirt for One Man Band


Some logo design for a friend

Back to college

Today I returned to college for the second year of the Product Design BA at St Martins. It’s great to be back and really good to see everyone. Very enthusiastic about this year. Also very important that I stike a balance between work and the course. I really want to get the most of this.…

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Side table

For me the design process involves the following steps – initial idea, excitement, lots of enthusiastic work, then I hit problems, frustration ensues, then I normally take a break, then it’s perseverance, some more frustation and finally satisfaction. The top that I designed for the bed side table in my room is such as thing.…

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Some experiments

I absolutely love experimenting with the lasers. Trying out patterns and learning from each thing I do. (it’s also nice to be talking about design again rather than ranting about banks and parcel delivery companies)

One Man Band Hangers

Fresh off the laser cutter:

Cleartouch Wedding Stationary

For the past 6 months I’ve been working with Cleartouch. A really interesting company that produces laser engraved wedding stationary. I have designed a new range for them from invitations to table numbers. I am photographing the product and also overseeing the redesign of the website which is set to relaunch in a couple of…

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HSBC: The World’s bullying bank

Just had a call from HSBC practically demanding that I pay money into my bank account. I have a student account with them and am in my interest free overdraft. Unless I pay some money into the account I will start to incur interest. She wanted to know what day I planned on paying the…

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Nice photoshoot

Cake have just completed this photoshoot for Vinspired an initiative that sees the charity team with up with top designer Ben De Lisi and T4 presenter Miquita Oliver to call on every 16-25 year old in England to join Fashion Favours – a unique fashion collection being created by volunteers purely from recycled and customised…

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it’s not all doom and gloom

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