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Today’s metro

p62 of Metro

Zebra crossing lights

Streetworks are a necessary part of maintaining the urban landscape – lights need to be replaced, cables need to be laid and roads need to be resurfaced. Unfortunately in London, it seems that some work will begin, complete with bright orange plastic barriers, then nothing will happen for several weeks. This is a particularly annoying…

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More from Dutch Design week

Nice set of stalls that hang on the wall

Door for desk

For a couple of weeks I’ve been wanting to buy a bigger desk. I went on Ikea’s website and found a beauty – £80 including delivery. I got the tape measure out and imagined how lovely my new high gloss white desk was going to be. Then I went to Holland and visited the Instant…

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Dutch Design Week

Lamp shades that are spun according to how much sunshine there is – colour and thickness varies Nice take on the last supper My favourite exhibition by Bob Waardenburg and Marcia Nolte called Instant Design, lot’s of interesting uses of everyday objects.

Andy Warhol rejection

A friend gave me this copy of a letter to Andy Warhol. Even he was once rejected. I’ve framed this letter to remind me not to worry when sometimes things don’t go quite as planned

Dutch Design Week

Spent the weekend in Eidhoven and Amsterdam. A friend of mine is studying at Design Academy Eidhoven. A fantastic place. Looked around the degree show and other exhibitions in association with Dutch Design Week. Photos to follow but some ‘trends’ that I picked up on: –Everyone is a designer. Everyone is capable of design. Do…

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Tesco Doom and Gloom

I’ve had a couple of requests for the Tesco Doom and Gloom newspaper label. So here it is (click to enlarge then save it to your computer, print it and fold it in half before placing in your local Tesco establishment)

Yet Another Chair chair

An idea for a chair

Banpo fountain – Seoul Design Olympic – beautiful bridge

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