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Shop taking shape

Very much a work in progress, the shop/gallery space is really taking shape now with all of the prints up, the next step is to create some vinyl printing for the windows. The launch of the record label, Underdog Records, is on Thursday when over 100 people will be visiting.

End of the world

So CERN gets switched on on Wednesday – possibly one of the most important events on this decade as the implications of what they learn could be far reaching. Or it could create a black hole that ends the world. Think of that when you’re at your desk at work on Tuesday – this could…

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Best PR stunt ever

How do you promote a game that is set in a world where petrol is running out? The game is called World in Flames and contains scenes of anarchy. Any ideas? How about giving away £20k of free petrol during the rush our in one of London’s more, er, let’s say not so well off…

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Woman in LA laser etching

I did my first test this week of laser etching the glass of a frame with an image. I decided to choose woman in LA because there’s a lot of lines that make up the scene. It turned out really well and I’m pleased with it.

Seems familiar?

Blame the booze fairies

laser engraved frame

I had an idea this weekend to laser engrave the glass of a frame with an image. The frame itself will contain nothing – the frame itself is the work. I’ve worked on creating ‘woman in LA’ as an illustrator file that I can laser engrave later this week. I’ll post it as soon as…

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Great viral from Samsung

Samsung have been doing some great stuff online this year – there illusions video was good and last year they did the macro photography viral. This though, is my favourite – it takes the very common unboxing of an electronics product and puts an entertaining spin on things: Also nice is the microsite that is…

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New print

Just got back from a fantastic weekend at V Festival filming the crowd and editing together videos for the website at My work seems to be defying the credit crunch and has sold out at both shops, even “I would have Bought a Banksy” has just sold. Shame that all of the proceeds will…

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Lovely short film

Brought me out in goosebumps. Well worth watchingFrom brandflakesforbreakfast

This image by artist William Lamson really caught my eye. Mostly because I hate CCTV and I love the way it’s been obstructed by something as simple and as childish as a balloon. I want to start a group on Facebook ‘tie a balloon to a CCTV camera’ and see how many people we could…

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