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Lovely short film

Brought me out in goosebumps. Well worth watchingFrom brandflakesforbreakfast

This image by artist William Lamson really caught my eye. Mostly because I hate CCTV and I love the way it’s been obstructed by something as simple and as childish as a balloon. I want to start a group on Facebook ‘tie a balloon to a CCTV camera’ and see how many people we could…

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The feeling of ‘Being behind’

Is it a 21st century thing? That feeling that there’s always something to do. Of ideas and ‘to do’ lists that seem to get longer and longer. I have so many things that I want get done. I guess we’re all the same

Daily Telegraph from Today

More stories about the Credit Crunch T shirt appearing today!

Credit Crunch Tshirt on City AM

First bit of coverage for the Credit Crunch T shirt on City AM thanks to a friend of mine at Chalk offering some excellent PR Also had a productive meeting with a director to produce a viral for Facebook T shirts

Alig G in Spooks Code 9

I’m currently working on this excellent new viral for the BBC’s Spooks Code 9. It seems virals that allow you to personalise content are very popular this year. This one allows you to upload a photo and then take part in the action. Some people have been having a lot of fun with it, this…

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Why it’s not all doom and gloom (time for some economics)

Before I started working in marketing and design I was an accountant. I have a degree in accountancy and still have an interest in the economy (although I’d never want to work in that industry ever again.) My response to what I read is mostly ‘how does this affect what I do’ as I expect…

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If hearts could sing

Great new video from Gnarls Barkley where, interestingly, the song is the backing for the drama we see unfolding. It made me feel a little uneasy at first. Excellent:

The shop/gallery space

Just a couple of photos of the shop and gallery that I’ll be opening in September

Ron Arad’s studio

In the last two weeks of college we got to visit design studios in London – it was really fancinating getting the chance to see what it is like withing a design studio. My favourite was Ron Arad’s – the front part was a gallery of his work while the offices were towards the back.…

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