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Alig G in Spooks Code 9

I’m currently working on this excellent new viral for the BBC’s Spooks Code 9. It seems virals that allow you to personalise content are very popular this year. This one allows you to upload a photo and then take part in the action. Some people have been having a lot of fun with it, this…

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Why it’s not all doom and gloom (time for some economics)

Before I started working in marketing and design I was an accountant. I have a degree in accountancy and still have an interest in the economy (although I’d never want to work in that industry ever again.) My response to what I read is mostly ‘how does this affect what I do’ as I expect…

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If hearts could sing

Great new video from Gnarls Barkley where, interestingly, the song is the backing for the drama we see unfolding. It made me feel a little uneasy at first. Excellent:

The shop/gallery space

Just a couple of photos of the shop and gallery that I’ll be opening in September

Ron Arad’s studio

In the last two weeks of college we got to visit design studios in London – it was really fancinating getting the chance to see what it is like withing a design studio. My favourite was Ron Arad’s – the front part was a gallery of his work while the offices were towards the back.…

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And now for one of the best virals I have ever seen

Excellently executed. Brilliantly funny. Highly personalised (love being able to record audio and add photos to the clip) and very very viral. I bet you’ll find yourself passing it onto a friend! Dexter’s Death List

The most annoying viral in the world?

See for yourself

Dream come true

This week I met two girls who run a record label and have a gallery/shop space in Soho. They’ve just moved in I can use the space to display my prints, tshirts and anything else I want. It’s such a cool little place and the potential is huge. We can then open it up to…

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Credit Crunch T shirt

I’ve just completed the latest T shirt design. Somewhat taking the piss out of all this ‘credit crunch’ malarchy which I think should be called “Bankers fucked up due to greed. Apologies” Anyway, it sound more like a breakfast cereal. On sale now at my T shirt website Facebook T shirts

Ford Fiesta Love Factory

Ford have done for the new Fiesta, turning their German factory into a giant Love Factory that will be visible to anyone flying to or from Cologne this summer. Looks good. Apparently they have the staff wearing pink overalls and green hats. More on Flickr

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