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Song for someone

A very good friend of mine, Jim Littlewood, has just launched an online music gift service. He’s an excellent musician and is offering a cool product whereby you can purchase a love song for that special someone that is unique to them – he’ll sing about where you met, your hopes and a lot more.…

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Highly offensive hamster

It’s been around a while, but I wasn’t blogging when I first came across it so here it is now. It’s childish and offensive but made me laugh.

STA travel tools

STA have created a range of nifty little widgets to basically rub it in everyone’s faces that you’re going on holiday to somewhere nice and warm! There’s more at STA

July and August

What if July and August were to have a conversation in a pub? Click the image to get the full page view:


This struck a chord with me:

Newzeal-and microsite

We’ve created a microsite for Tourism New Zealand and Air New Zealand to promote the cool cosmopolitan side of the destination. The site features a city guide to galleries, restaurants and shopping so it’s a handy addition for anyone planning on visiting the country and really exploring what it has to offer. You can visit…

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Alex Noriega

Came across this artist/designer today who is based in Barcelona. He’s using an excellent way of promoting his blog and his work by running a competition giving away a painting. To enter you just need to add his blog to your links list. To be honest, I would have added it anyway as his work…

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Loaf lamp

Another project from college. This was to design lighting. I put a lightbulb inside a loaf of bread, apart from looking nice in the kitchen, it smells of baking bread.

New Designers 2007

I visited the New Designers Exhibition. Some really excellent work that got me excited about my upcoming Product Design degree. It made me realise how much I enjoy design as my brain started ticking over with new ideas. Some of the highlights for me was the work of Jonathan Aspinall and Mark John Fisher. Jon…

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Facebook T shirts make it into the Contagious magazine newsletter

Tucked away in this week’s Contagious magazine newsletter is a nice little mention of my Tshirts. Contagious is a great site, definitely worth checking out As always the T-shirts are at

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