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Another erosion of civil liberty

No photos at Spitalfields I’ll come back to this post when I have more time but it’s made me angry to say the least.

Idea for property search website

A property search option that allows the user to search along a transport route. One of the main considerations when searching for a place is the commute. The user would put in the location of their work and the website would show the roads/bus routes/railways that serve that location and properties available. This would work…

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Sharing ideas

Is it a good idea to share ideas online? On the one hand the sharing of ideas is generally good for society – we would get no where if people didn’t share ideas with each other. On the other hand is that ideas can be used without the person with the idea/creativity getting a reward.…

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Angel Art Market

I’ve been selling my canvas prints at the One Deko shop in Spitalfields for a couple of years now which has been great, but I never get to meet the people that buy my stuff. For some time I have wanted to have an exhibition and this weekend I will be taking part in the…

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I’ve worked in digital for a couple of years now and have seen quite a lot of stuff on the internet. When I came to work this rather cold Monday morning I did not expect to sit down at my desk and watch a monkey on a motorcycle:


I can’t stand anything that makes the street environment look a mess – CCTVs, signage, parking metres, traffic lights, bollards….basically everything that clutters our pavements. A typical street in Britain is now a mess of this visual untidy clutter. Added to this list are street works. Now I understand that occationally the pavement needs to…

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Yes I can see the irony in posting a video where people cover up advertising and calling street advertising ‘legalised graffiti’ and posting another video which is a viral for pot noodle – a form of advertising. mmmmmmmm I would argue that street advertising is annoying and intrusive because we have little or no choice…

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Infadels ‘Love Like Semtex’

Love it love it love it


Absolutely loving youtube’s ‘share it’ button. Means I can post directly to the blog from youtube and share the stuff that I like. This is good. Advertising is legalised graffiti and these guys know how to deal with it.

Tipping Pot (Guinness Spoof)

Very funny viral that I have been seeding this week. 300,000 views in it’s first week which is great – it helps that it is a very good piece of content. Check it out:

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