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Juno Livestream – A Look Back

During the build up to Christmas 2016 Viral Seeding didn’t intend on creating a piece of content to celebrate the festive season, but during our last team meeting of the year we simply thought ‘why not?’ But what could we do in such little time? With mere days to go until we finished for the…

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Our 2017 Christmas Video: The Twelve Chugs of Christmas

To celebrate Christmas at Viral Seeding this year we have created our very own festive music video: The Twelve Chugs of Christmas.  Accompanied by original lyrics to the tune of, you’ve guessed it, The Twelve Days of Christmas, the video stars our office chug Juno (part Chihuahua, part Pug) in various cute, and sometimes crazy, outfits and…

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LinkedIn Video

We all recognise YouTube as being the video site on the internet. Sure, there are others – Dailymotion and Vidme for example – but neither of those sites come close to being a rival for YouTube. Facebook are trying their best to compete in the video world, but until content creators make equal money on…

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What is SEO and why is it so important for your business?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the most important factors in growing a business in the modern day, so why is it consistently overlooked by so many companies? SEO is the way in which a company can make their business appear before everyone else on popular search engines. Appearing higher in these search engines increases the traction towards…

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Pokemon Go and the rise of augmented reality

With over 15 million downloads and a whole lot of buzz online Pokemon Go has been taking the internet and the app store by storm! Pokemon has been around for years but what is it about this new app that is making grown adults explore the streets with the same enthusiasm they had as children on their gameboys? Pokemon…

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How will Brexit affect video marketing?

There is no denying that the Brexit vote is having an impact on the economy and therefore marketing budgets and execution of campaigns, here we explore and summarise opinion and debate about the effect that Brexit will have on content marketing: The Drum highlights marketers are either pulling or pausing advertising spend just a week after…

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The rise of multi-platform video

If you log into Facebook it’s most likely your timeline will be littered with people liking and sharing a range of funny or interesting video clips. Facebook has become an increasing popular platform for video sharing. With quick upload time and ad free, pages like Hellou and The LAD Bible are able to entertaining their millions of growing fans.…

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Round-up of this years best April Fools videos

It’s that time of the year again when brands pull about the stops for the best April Fools jokes. Here is a round-up up of the years best videos. Costa and a Kip – Costa are trialling the Ostrich Pillow which allows customers the chance to have a quick nap during the 2PM/3PM slump. T-Mobile…

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Gangnam Countdown

With Gangnam Style fast approaching one billion views, we thought we’d create a countdown to the event:

Seeding to mum bloggers

Viral Seeding is pleased to announce that we have now built an extensive database of parenting bloggers who are happy to work with us on a sponsored post basis. We have found this to be by far the most effective way of spreading content targeted towards parents. We’ve recently successfully seeded a video for Aquafresh…

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