Tanqueray Gin

Project Description

Client: Slam

Background: Aloe Blacc recorded the exclusive track ‘Tonight Downtown’ for Tanqueray Gin. As part of the campaign, a the song was also added onto the GoMix Facebook App and a video created with Aloe Blacc describing the elements of the song and how it can be remixed. Both the app and video were seeded online.

Objective:  The campaign was seeded to entertainment, viral music, remixing, fans of Aloe Blacc and marketing websites and blogs. The video was further distributed to video sharing sites and the campaign posted into remix forums.

Results: 30 pieces of coverage, contributing to 25k views of the video and 11 tweets to 20k followers

Coverage Highlights
Clash Music Trendhunter Who needs TV  Prankies

Project Details

Tags: FMCG, Music

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