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15 Reasons Why Brands Should Work With Influencers

We’ve spoken about influencer marketing on the blog before, we’ve shared what makes a good influencer as well as our tips for finding the right influencer to work with, but we may have jumped the gun, so let’s take a step back and talk about why brands should work with influencers. In no particular order, here are 15…

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What Is Content Seeding?

In a nutshell, content seeding is the strategic approach taken to spread content across the Internet. Content creators, or content marketing agencies like us, take the content and seed it through their network so that it will be seen, shared and spread across social media and high traffic websites and blogs. The main aims of…

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LinkedIn Video

We all recognise YouTube as being the video site on the internet. Sure, there are others – Dailymotion and Vidme for example – but neither of those sites come close to being a rival for YouTube. Facebook are trying their best to compete in the video world, but until content creators make equal money on…

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