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A few reasons to get in touch with us to seed your campaign


Viral Seeding has over ten years experience of seeding content which we’re able to bring to your campaign.

Guaranteed results

Before we begin the seeding we set the KPIs for coverage, views and social sharing and we keep going until you get them.


Viral Seeding has built relationships with hundreds of influencers in areas as diverse as lifestyle, fashion, motoring, sport, design and music.

Drive traffic

Through coverage, inbound links are created to your website or campaign page to drive traffic and increase search engine ranking. After the campaign, you will continue to receive traffic from referrals and higher search ranking.


Viral Seeding monitors the progress of the campaign, keeping you up to date with the view count and coverage as the content spreads online. On completion, a full report is provided of coverage secured.


Our approach effectively targets your audience with your content. Coverage leads to a very credible relationship with a potentially enormous audience and to the viral effect of content being shared through social media.

Personal service

We pride ourselves on the service that we deliver to our clients who use us again and again to deliver the seeding of their content.

Tailored strategy

We take the time to understand your campaign. Using our experience we design a strategy that’s appropriate to reach your audience.

Cost Effective

Our pricing is competitive and we provide a very cost effective way of securing coverage and increasing views and engagement.


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