Each day the Coronavirus pandemic seemingly worsens across the globe, but some brands and companies are doing what they can to help make things a little easier for their staff, the public and emergency services staff.

Below are some of the effort brands are doing during the COVID19 pandemic.


Prior to their closure, fast food giants McDonald’s offered free drinks to NHS staff and emergency workers, a fantastic gesture for the hard-pressed staff putting their lives at risk to help communities.


Independent brewers Brewdog begin producing hand sanitiser, halting their usual production after realising they have all the ingredients needed. A fantastic example of what companies are doing to change their tact during the pandemic.


Facebook gives each of their employees $1000 to help deal during the coronavirus outbreak. The world’s largest social media platform has also announced a $100 million grant program for small business feeling the pinch of the pandemic.


Software giants Adobe are offering free distance learning for schools, giving parents some time off from teaching their children themselves. A valuable resource for learning a great software package.


Energy supplier BP are offering emergency services staff free fuel, a invaluable gesture and wonderful way to give a little back to those who are working tirelessly to protect us.

Little things can go a long way. If you or your brand have done something positive during the Coronavirus pandemic and want to showcase your efforts, then get in touch with Viral Seeding today and we can help you spread the word.

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