The Faroe Islands launched their own version of Google Translate called Faroe Islands Translate. Enter the word, phrase or sentence you’d like translated and a friendly local will translate it for you live by video. To illustrate how the website works a video was created.


Secure coverage of the video

Increase views of the video

Increase sharing and engagement of the video

Increase awareness of Faroe Islands Translate


Viral Seeding put together a strategy which consisted of undertaking outreach to Travel, Culture, Tech and General Lifestyle websites and blogs.

Researching and putting together an extensive list of target blogs and websites

Drafting an outreach template which included key campaign information

Individually contacting blogs and websites to sell in the story

Contacting bloggers who had previously written about Visit Faroe Islands campaigns

Regular monitoring for new coverage and researching breaking news stories to encourage inclusion of the video

Daily reporting and final project evaluation

Campaign Results

7 pieces of coverage secured reaching 4.5 million MUV

11 social media posts to over 339k followers and fans

7 inbound links created to

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