Testicular Cancer NZ is a New Zealand based organisation focusing on raising awareness of testicular cancer and educating men on how to check for symptoms.

Testicular Cancer NZ and FCB Media created a highly shareable campaign encouraging people to create giant penis shapes using GPS tracking software. The campaign was to increase awareness of the most common form of cancer in men aged 15-39 in a fun and engaging way.


Secure coverage for the campaign and accompanying images

Increase engagement in the campaign

Increase shares of the campaign

Increase awareness of Testicular Cancer NZ


Viral Seeding put together a strategy which consisted of outreach to relevant high-traffic websites and blogs.

Researching and putting together an extensive list of target websites

Drafting an outreach template which included key campaign information

Individually contacting blogs and websites to sell in the story

Regular monitoring for new coverage and researching breaking news stories to encourage inclusion of the video

Daily reporting and final project evaluation

Campaign Results

19 pieces of coverage secured, reaching over 240,000,000 people

Coverage secured on national websites including The Sun, The Mirror and BBC News

Coverage secured on massive web culture sites including Ladbible, Smash and AskMen

Coverage secured on Ladbible's Facebook page to over 24m likes

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