So you’ve made an amazing video, released an incredible product, or written a terrifying novel… the only trouble is, you’re struggling to choose an online pr agency who can help get the word out. How do you know who to choose? Which agency is right for you? Below are our tips for choosing the best agency to fit your needs.

Experience and Expertise

Certain PR agencies specialise in certain industries, so make sure the agency you choose are experts in your field. For your book, make sure they have proven knowledge in book pr, or if you’re launching a new beer check to see that the agency have experience with pr for alcohol brands.

Some agencies cover multiple industries, which can work for broader, more general short-term campaigns, but certain sectors such as food would benefit from a specialist agency.

Industry Enthusiasm

When you approach a PR agency with your product or brand, how do they act? Do they simply brush you off with a form email, or do they respond with a personalised email, showing enthusiasm in what you do?

Are they active on social media, or their blog, demonstrating their love and enthusiasm for your industry? Do they prove to you that they are up-to-date with trends, the latest industry news and the next big thing?

You want the digital pr agency that you choose to treat you as an individual, not a number. This is where smaller agencies have the advantage, as they are able to dedicate time to making sure you’re happy and they’re achieving exactly what you’re looking for.

Competitive Price

Ensure that not only is the agency offering a competitive price that fits within your budget, but also that the price is good value for money. Some online pr agencies, particularly larger agencies, have a large number of overheads, which means their prices can often feel more than they’re worth. However, larger agencies can have the experience and opportunities which make the higher price points worth it.

On the other hand, smaller agencies can offer a more personable service, and fit within smaller budgets. They often have unrivalled enthusiasm and will work to ensure that you’re happy.


A competitive price means little if the agency doesn’t have a solid reputation within the industry. Ensure there are traceable testimonials on their website, they have active social media accounts with real followers, and sites such as Trustpilot and Google feature five star reviews.

Many agencies will list the clients and brands they’ve worked with in the past, which is a great indicator as to their reputation.

Case studies

A good agency with a solid reputation will present strong case studies on their website. This shows the agency has nothing to hide, and can demonstrate the strong work they’ve undertaken in the past. Before choosing a digital pr agency ensure that they can prove to you that they’re experts in their field.

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