If you’re a production agency, then undoubtedly your output has ground to a halt during the COVID19 pandemic, after all, it’s not like you and your team are able to head out during times of social isolation to capture footage.

But, with workforces confined to their homes, it doesn’t mean that producing fantastic content has to slow down. Below are six types of content your agency can still produce during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Animation can be time consuming, but if you currently have the time why not make a start? Alternatively, simple animation styles, such as whiteboard videos, can be hugely effective at getting a message across in a succinct way and don’t take as long as traditional animations.

Repurpose Old Content

Having been producing content for a long time, you will no doubt have hard drives full of fantastic, unused footage. Why not repurpose some of the footage to tell a new story or get across a new message? It doesn’t need to be a long video, but will keep those creative juices flowing until social distancing restrictions allow you to shoot something new.

Hire Freelancers

Is there a key shot you’re lacking to finish off your latest video? Or your in-house writer is unwell? Consider exploring sites such as Fiverr or Upwork and hire a freelancer for a one off job. Both sites offer cost-effective options and are filled with professionals who will be able to deliver exactly what you’re looking for on a temporary, or even on-going, basis.

Utilise Quality Stock Footage

If you’re looking to produce a quick video, or need one last establishing or b-roll shot, there are databases filled with affordable stock videos. Sites like Shutterstock and Film Supply are easy to use, and have simple search functions which should enable you to find the perfect piece of footage instantly.

Embrace the Podcast

You may have produced numerous podcasts in the past, but thanks to the COVID19 pandemic, business are utilising video calling applications such as Zoom more and more, so why not put together a video podcast? That way, people from all over the world can come together for minimal cost and create interesting, thought provoking content which requires little post-production.

User Generated Content

With so many people off work, why not enlist the help of the masses? Challenge the public to send in content which you can edit together into a video, like 2015’s Ice Bucket Challenge used to raise money for Motor Neuron Disease.

Have you or your agency produced new content during the COVID19 pandemic? If so, get in touch with Viral Seeding today and we can help you spread the word.

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