Here are our top picks for what to expect from digital marketing in 2018:


It’s expected that by 2022 more than 55% of homes in the US and UK will have a smart speaker device in their home – that’s a lot of people talking to Alexa and her A.I. pals. With that, expect audio based ads to make a comeback in 2018 – perhaps not to the same degree as radio advertising (let’s hope there are way less jingles involved), but when you ask about the train times don’t be surprised if the answer is followed by a little information on that weeks big movie release.


Apps have become a part of our everyday lives, from ordering food to booking taxis, but up until now ads within apps, particularly free apps, have generally focused on other apps and games. As apps become more and more imperative expect to see more and more ads following suit.

Influencer 'brand ambassadors'

Are audiences getting wise to #ad? There are certain influencers who are shameless brand hoppers, which can make their sponsored content feel rather flat. The way to combat that is by choosing an influencer who is perfect for your brand and recruit them as a brand ambassador. This long term arrangement will then expose your brand and your campaign message to the influencers audience and help build their trust in your brand. They will see the partnership as more than a simple one-off cash grab by the influencer. In 2018 we will definitely see the rise of the brand ambassador.

Facebook Video

In 2017 Facebook began their attack on YouTube to try and drive views away from the worlds biggest video website, and with Facebook videos bringing in tens of millions of views per video for larger channels this will undoubtedly continue to grow. And with YouTube continuing to worry content creators over unreliable revenue, will Facebook draw creators their way?
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