As the Coronavirus continues to spread across the world, drastic measures are being taken to help prevent our healthcare systems from becoming too overwhelmed. As reported by The Guardian, schools are closing, those who are able to are working from home and businesses are shutting their doors. Unfortunately, some on a permanent basis.

However, many businesses are learning to adapt during this ever-changing landscape. Some businesses which weren’t digital are suddenly taking the plunge. Many restaurants, cafes, shops and even some pubs are offering home delivery services. Fitness classes are being taught online. We’re learning to embrace the digital world now more than ever, which means it’s imperative that we find our audiences in what is quickly becoming an even more crowded and competitive space.

Below are five ways digital marketing can help businesses during the COVID19 crisis.

General web use set to increase

With many businesses turning to home working general web use is going to increase. In fact, in the first week of the unofficial UK lockdown, the BBC reported that Vodafone experienced a 30% increase in traffic and Reddit also experienced a traffic surge with some subreddits seeing a 20-50% increase. Not only does this include business web portals, but social media and general browsing as people seek to get the latest news on the crisis as it develops. To help combat this Netflix announced they would be reducing the quality of their video streaming.

Highly targeted display ads and social media ads will help you to find your audience. You can even time these to show to your audience during updated opening hours, or display promo codes relevant to a specific product or promotion.

People will turn to LinkedIn for business/industry news

No longer surrounded by colleagues as their source of company news, people are going to turn to LinkedIn for business and industry updates. Make sure your business is regularly updating its LinkedIn profile, for the benefit of both your employees and your clients. You can also upload content to LinkedIn which you can promote to your target audience.

It’s been reported that LinkedIn is making all job interviews throughout the crisis virtual, showing that even LinkedIn themselves aren’t looking to slow things down.

Brand events and conferences have been cancelled

Due to worldwide governments recommending and enforcing social distancing, events and conferences have been understandably cancelled – including annual video game convention E3 – however this doesn’t mean your brand still can’t reach your audience during these times. Why not divert that budget into repurposing content? Promoting on YouTube and other platforms is now more vital than ever and can ensure that you’re the front of people’s minds despite the event no longer taking place.

Had something you were going to announce? YouTube, Instagram and Facebook have fantastic livestream abilities with a range of ways for your audience to engage.

Spreading positivity

Brands have been doing their part during the coronavirus crisis, which has led to national coverage in return. Prior to their closure, Pret a Manger and McDonald’s offered NHS staff free drinks and discounts on food, and BP are offering emergency workers free fuel. Before the UK-wide lockdown, The National Trust were also opening their grounds to visitors for free.

It’s little touches like these which are go a long way towards helping people, whilst at the same time reflecting well on your brand. It’s a win-win.

Made people realise that some meetings can be done digitally

More and more meetings and presentations are being held over digital platforms such as Skype and Zoom. Each platform has its own advantages, but the crisis has enabled businesses to experience these first-hand. Not only can digital meetings save time and money, but they’re convenient and can increase moral – something we hope to see more of once the coronavirus crisis has subsided.

We understand what effects the Coronavirus is having on businesses, and for more information check out Neil Patel’s blog post on What COVID19 Means For Marketers. If you’re looking to give your business an extra push during these times of social distancing then get in touch with Viral Seeding today.

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