Today, it’s imperative for brands to have a presence on all forms of social media; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook being the obvious, but one platform often overlooked is YouTube. Audiences aged 13-35 consume more than half of their media online, so by not uploading regular content to YouTube you are missing out on a potentially massive audience.
But for brands with under utilised or even those without YouTube channels, it is still not too late to make the most out of this ever increasingly popular platform. But how can brands grow their YouTube channel? Here are four tips for brands looking to grow their YouTube presence and engage their audiences:

Regular Content

It’s important to produce quality content on a consistent basis. Users don’t expect daily content (in fact, daily uploads this can damage your growth due to people seeing you as ‘spamming’ their feeds) but they do like a set schedule which you stick by. Agree on an upload schedule, once a week or even once a fortnight is acceptable, and make sure you stick to it.

Stay 'On Brand'

There has been a recent trend towards brands using social media to be ‘sassy’ or ‘edgy’. If your brand sells curtains, then this is likely not going to be the best approach, but if you’re a nightclub or an indie game developer, then maybe it will. Remain true to your brand values, understand your audience, and create content for them, not for you.


Partner with YouTube channels and other influencers whose fans are likely to want to know more about your brand. If you’re a fast food brand, then partner with food reviewers. If you’re a football team, do a crossover with a football YouTuber. Always ask them to encourage their subscribers to become your subscribers too. Very large channels (those with 1m+ subs) can be expensive to partner with, but smaller channels are often eager and a lot more reasonable when it comes to their rates, so don’t only be concerned with teaming up with the biggest names.

Don't Be Afraid to Promote

YouTube promotion can be a great way to boost those numbers. If you’re a new channel and you’re concerned about low view counts, boosting these can both make the channel look a lot bigger than it is, but it can genuinely grow the channel and help you to find your audience. Ensure your videos end with a call to action to ‘subscribe if you want to see more’.
If you’ve been unsure of how to grow your brands YouTube channel, or even your own personal channel, then get in touch with Viral Seeding today and we can let you know how we can help. The audience is out there, they just need to find you.

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