There is no denying that the Brexit vote is having an impact on the economy and therefore marketing budgets and execution of campaigns, here we explore and summarise opinion and debate about the effect that Brexit will have on content marketing:

The Drum highlights marketers are either pulling or pausing advertising spend just a week after the Brexit vote as they look to insulate themselves from the growing uncertainty about the future and the threat of a recession. There are however opportunities from the Brexit outcome. The UK is a net exporter of advertising services to the world and the fall in the value of the pound as meant that services from the UK are now more competitive globally. Alex van Gestel, former senior marketer at Bacardi and the chief executive of Verbalisation: “Our advice to clients is to play the long game. There are enough studies out there to show that those companies that invest into recessions come out healthier and earlier than those that cap budgets.”

Marketing Week point out that Britain could lose influence in other european countries as a consequence of leaving the EU. But also acknowledge that leaving lowers tariffs and trade costs. They  mention that 42% of marketers believe that leaving is going to be bad for their business.

The Committee of Advertising Practice believe it is unlikely to cause immediate damage to the advertising systems or require marketers to change their approach.

MarketingTech offers a piece on all the reasons that the digital marketing industry will survive Brexit. Such as the fact that for the foreseeable future British companies will still be able to access talent and recruit skilled labour from abroad.

The Internet Advertising Bureau highlights that currently industry professionals are not too concerned about the effects of Brexit, but are simply aiming to be prepared for any changes that could take effect over the years to come.

While it’s likely that marketing budgets will be squeezed in the event of a recession, video marketing is an area that continues to grow and is a very cost effective way of promoting products and services compared to other marketing channels.