During the build up to Christmas 2016 Viral Seeding didn’t intend on creating a piece of content to celebrate the festive season, but during our last team meeting of the year we simply thought ‘why not?’

But what could we do in such little time? With mere days to go until we finished for the year, what could we pull together that would be interesting or fun or unique enough to get people watching and sharing?

Whenever anybody asks a question like that in the Viral Seeding office the answer will usually focus around Juno, our resident office dog who is there to keep our laps warm and warn us when the postman is about to arrive (seriously, she’s like psychic or something). Juno has the biggest character in the office, so it is natural to turn to her in our time of need, and she is usually always more than accommodating to our wishes (with a few treats as bribes of course).

With an idea forming and time definitely not on our side, we realised producing edited content would be out of the question, and instead turned to the next best thing – streaming. So, Viral Seeding’s Christmas 2016 Puppy Livestream was born. We set up a little set with a tree and a sign, plugged in a camera and helped Juno into her festive jumper. The stream went live just after 9am on 21st December 2016 (exactly one year ago to the day) and ran continuously for the next eight hours (with one or two little hiccups along the way).

Things started slow, with viewers flitting in and out, but after undertaking some outreach to key trade websites and social media influencers, by early afternoon we achieved 300+ live viewers, and more than 1500 total views.

Whilst the world continues to embrace influencer marketing, the campaign proved that traditional blog and website outreach still works as an effective tool. Coverage on both The Drum and LBB Online catapulted the viewers from a dozen into the hundreds, and whilst it was a simple idea it was cute and unique enough to hold those numbers until the stream ended at 5pm that evening.

It’s common for brands and agencies to spend millions on their Christmas campaigns, and sometimes (but not always) that pays off, but we were able to create a last minute campaign which got people watching and kept people watching for zero budget. You don’t always need the biggest, fanciest, most expensive video, you just need to ensure that you’re targeting the right people.

With experience and knowledge of the industry, we knew exactly who to contact and how to contact them. We turned a quick idea into a successful project, all with very little budget and next to no time. It was a very nice way to end the year for Viral Seeding in 2016, and set us up for another great year in 2017.

The livestream is still available to watch online, so if you’d like to see some cute festive action, check out the video.

If you’re planning any campaigns for 2018 then get in touch with Viral Seeding today and we will let you know how we can help you to go viral.

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