To celebrate Christmas at Viral Seeding this year we have created our very own festive music video: The Twelve Chugs of Christmas. 

Accompanied by original lyrics to the tune of, you’ve guessed it, The Twelve Days of Christmas, the video stars our office chug Juno (part Chihuahua, part Pug) in various cute, and sometimes crazy, outfits and situations. She took to her starring role with ease (and a lot of treats) and is confident the final edit beats John Lewis on the ‘Ahhh’ factor this year. Enjoy!


Composer: Tim Waters

Vocals: Daniel R Diaz

Filming: Juno the chug, Leanne Coombes, Mike Jeavons, Lee Kennedy-Washington

Editing: Mike Jeavons

Production: Viral Seeding

PR & Seeding: Viral Seeding