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Targeted video views are a great way to increase your video view count, with 100% real views from real people. We can target a view campaign to any audience, with any interest, anywhere in the world, Viral Seeding are able to ensure the right people watch your video.

We are a Google certified agency and have boosted videos on YouTube for major brands all over the world, delivering tens of millions of authentic, real views – we don’t use bots or any sketchy tactics here.

YouTube promotion, also known as Google Adwords, allows us to target a wide audience, is cost effective and delivers the best value for money – a view is only counted once your video has been watched for at least 30 seconds. We can also ensure the right people see your video by using high levels of targeting, including targeting specific YouTube channels or videos.

Want to go viral on Facebook? We can syndicate your video to our network of partner pages and manage your promotion, ensuring that your video gets millions of views, shares, likes and comments. And by boosting your video, we can increase your view count into the hundreds of thousands or even the millions, with Facebook being the most cost effective way of reaching astronomical view counts.

If you’re looking for your video to reach a B2B audience, we can used LinkedIn advertising to reach a highly targeted business focused audience. B2B video promotion can be as highly targeted as you want it to be; want to only show your video to small business owners? Fine. Want to reach CEOs of major corporations? No problem.

We offer you a guaranteed number of promoted views to fit your budget – get in touch with us today and we can tell you how we’ll help you.

DW Euromaxx content marketing campaign

Campaign analysis

We review the overall campaign goal, content and target audience for the campaign to formulate the strategy. This involves selecting the most appropriate social networks to promote your content on.

Campaign preparation

This involves ensuring that the content is in the correct format for each social network, that the necessary account access is in place and that conversion tracking is up and running if this forms part of the campaign.

Video promotion launch

At launch we set up and manage the video promotion on each of the selected social networks.

Monitoring & optimisation

We update you on the progress of the campaigns and further optimise the video promotion to ensure that the overall campaign goal is being met.


Once the campaign has completed Viral Seeding will prepare a report to include a breakdown of the views delivered by social network.

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