One of the most difficult things for a company to do in this day and age is to think of a unique way to advertise your product or business. So for those of you looking for a little bit of inspiration for your advertising campaign here are some of the most successful adverts of all time!

Tango – Orange Man

One of the most prolific ways of making your advert succeed is to add that little bit of randomness that the internet loves so much. Tango hit the nail on the head with their “Orange Man” advert leaving people very confused as to what they had just watched. The inclusion of the slogan “You know when you’ve been tangoed” would have helped with the promotion of the product.

Compare The Market – Compare The Meerkat

If you haven’t seen Aleksandr the meerkat on your TV screen yet I question what you’ve been doing with your spare time! The little Russian animal has become a household name in the history of television adverts with his funny speech on the differences between his site “Compare The Meerkat” and “Compare The Market” (The insurance comparison site who produced the advert) The advert was seen as a genius way of complimenting their own services without actually having to big themselves up.

Guiness – Surfers and Horses

Once again we return to the strangest corner of the internet to find a man on a surf board trying to get away from a herd of horses as a huge wave submerges everyone around them … yes you read that right! The bizarre advert was voted the “best ad of all time” in a poll by Channel 4 and goes to show that sometimes the best way to get your audiences attention is to produce the most random thing you can think of.

Smash – Martians

How do you top a surfer being chased by a horse? Put 7 aliens in a room and have them talk about potatoes! The crazy yet successful advert, by Mash Potato company Smash can be considered one of if not the most creepy video on the internet. Weirdness aside, it did a very good job of promoting their product!

Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Old Spice are known for knocking it out of the park every time they release a new advert. We had plenty of choices from their plethora of great ads however none could quite match up against this one! Once again capitalising on the feature of randomness that has proven to be successful Old Spice produced one of the best adverts that will ever grace our TV screens!