Welcome back to the Top 10 Viral Videos of the week!

10 – Sh*t Happens – The moment that a sewage truck exploded on a busy road and sent waste everywhere

9 – Close call – Probably not the best idea to bring a LION onto a TV interview, as this family found out when it tried to attack a little girl!

8 – I’m out B*tches – Speaking of kids on TV interviews this child had just about enough of the boring talk and walked off set!

7 – Top of Trump Tower –  This man was spotted trying to climb all the way to the top of Trump Tower!

6 – What’s all the Racket? – Japanese tennis player Nishikori managed to drop his racket and still win the point at the Olympics!

5 – MY IPAD! – This dolphin snatched a woman’s iPad right out of her hands!

4 – Lets get serious – Famous and long time YouTuber Charlie McDonnell opened up about what it’s like living with Anxiety and Depression.

3 – Sympathy for a criminal – This judge allowed a criminal to meet his son for the very first time!

2 – Cat in disguise? – This parrot was caught mimicking two cats!

1 – #PrayforDunkinDonuts – A fire was recently started at a Dunkin Donuts restaurant and the public have been speaking out about how much they will miss it …