Welcome back to the Top 10 viral videos of the week!

10 – Pokemon Go was only released last week but it is already taking over people’s lives as this video shows!

9 – The moment that the ceiling of an apartment collapsed in New York.

8 – David Cameron sang a little song to himself after announcing his resignation date.

7 – If you haven’t started watching Game of Thrones yet have no fear! Samuel L Jackson is here with your beginners guide

6 – What do you get when you cross a baby with one of the greatest films of all time? One hell of a Rocky impersonator!

5 – This lad travelled all the way to Chicago and hid in the boot of a car just to give his dad a birthday surprise!

4 – Theresa May is Britain’s new PM! But after watching this she may be favouring a career as a MC!

3 – This incredible child who was born without arms or legs does not his condition stop him from playing his favourite video games

2 – The beautiful moment when a distraught french fan was comforted by a young Portuguese boy after Portugal beat France 1:0 in the Euro 2016 Final

1 – Celebrities, Youtube stars and survivors of the Orlando shootings appear in the music video for “Hands” a song dedicated to raising money for victims of the attack


Thanks for checking out the Top 10 Viral Video’s of the week. Make sure you check back next Friday for another list of entertaining videos!