Welcome back to the Top 10 Viral Videos of the week!

10 – As her car was sinking this man jumped to the rescue of a woman and her dog!

9 – Ever wondered what a lego plane crash would look like in slow motion? Me neither but it turns out its awesome!

8 – This girl chose the wrong day to approach this baboon as he was in a pretty crappy mood!

7 – After stories that he was being used as propaganda for North Korea YouTuber FunForLouis has addressed his critics!

6 – This guy lost a bet and was forced to recreate Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”

5 – Whales seem intent on getting really close to peoples boats these days!

4 – This person attached a GoPro to their Hot Wheels car and sent it off on a long journey!

3 – Brothers Gary and Paul O’Donovan gave a hilarious interview after winning gold for Ireland at the Olympic Rowing!

2 – This kid accidentally swallowed his dogs chew toy … And It’s not hard for him to prove it!

1 – Drake squashed rumours of a potential feud with Eminem by bringing him out on stage at a concert in Detroit!