Welcome back to the Top 10 Viral Videos of the week!

10 – We all know what a skunk will do if you scare them, so this man deserves praise for helping this one out!

9 – The pet store was closed, but this dog refused to believe it!

8 – This man was given the gift he always wanted, and his reaction is priceless!

7 – Katy Perry has gone to extreme lengths to get people to vote!

6 – What happens when you flush 240lbs of Mercury down a toilet?

5 – This man escaped almost certain death when he avoided an out of control car!

4 – After grabbing Gigi Hadid last week, this so called ‘prankster’ went after Kim Kardashian

3 – Conor McGregor was on fire once again at the UFC 205 press conference!

2 – Nothing was stopping this man from going through his daily routine. Not even a typhoon!

1 – Another sneak peak back into the Harry Potter World as the ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ trailer dropped!