Welcome back to the Top 10 Viral Videos of the week!

10 – Policemen haven’t got the best reputation over the past few years, However this one might just have redeemed them!

9 – This man was completely mugged off by a pigeon!

8 – This whale got way to up close and personal with a boat!

7 – Faith in humanity was restored as a group of men worked together to save a woman caught in the middle of the Maryland flood.

6 – Imagine coming home from work one day and finding a family of bears on your stairs!

5 – Remember the viral video “Gingers have souls” from back in 2010? Well the person behind it has just come out as transgender!

4 – This guy sang the Pokemon theme song in the style of 20 different artists!

3 – Leonardo Di Caprio pranked his friend Jonah Hill by pretending to be a fan!

2 – Terrifying footage of the evacuation of the Emirates plane crash landing!

1 – This little toddler was very upset about president Obama leaving office.