Welcome back to the top 10 viral videos of the week. It’s a mixed bag this week as two frankly disturbing videos make the Top 10:


10 – YouTuber Grant Thompson shows us how we can start a fire simply with a pencil:


9 – This guy jumped right into the unknown:


8 – Drink up me hearties yo ho! A teaser for the new Pirates of the Caribbean film has been released:


7 – Did this man really catch Banksy on camera? We’ll let you make you’re own mind up:


6 – This guy’s commentary on a road confrontation is fantastic:


5 – It was time to leave the pet store .. but this dog wasn’t having it:


4 – A horror film about potatoes? Now this I have to see:


3 – The most electrifying man in all of sports entertainment looked back on his debut in the WWE:


2 – It’s safe to say that Clarkson, May and Hammond are back to their best in the trailer for The Grand Tour:


1 – YouTuber Jacksfilms has demonstrated perfectly how people use clickbait to their advantage: