Welcome back to the top 10 viral videos of the week!

10 – Did this CBeebies presenter get caught out saying the c word?


9 – This man got a close up view at the eruption of a volcano!


8 – Looks like this dog could set up his own taxi company!


7 – Despite the rumours, Drake’s father insists there is nothing going on between his son and Rhianna.


6 – This guy just broke the world record for travelling speed on a skateboard


5 – This man almost killed himself when jumping off a cliff!


4 – This TV presenter got a nasty shock when the Alligator he was holding freaked out!


3 – This mashup of reporters trying to do their job while a hurricane is happening is hilarious!

2 –  This dog can sing better than I can!

1 – The moment when SpaceX had a problem and blew up!