Welcome back to the top 10 viral videos of the week!


10 – Despite it trying to bite him, this man still saved this dogs life:

9 – This guy crushed a watermelon between his legs because why not:

8 – These cats climbed a wall at the same time and one landed on the other one:

7 – After the election didn’t go the way he wanted Bernie Sanders stated America needs to “Stand Together”:

6 – After a political argument broke out on a plane the captain had to make a speech:

5 – Get excited Beauty & The Beast fans .. The trailer has been released:

4 – Somehow this dog understands how traffic lights work:

3 – IS this the real reason that Marijuana is illegal:

2 – The only excuse for this is that Michael Jackson has been reborn in this 9 Year old boy:

1 -This dog wanted to bark at the mailman so badly but he wasn’t aloud: