Tomorrow is World Emoji Day, it’s bizarre to think technology has come so far that we’ve dedicated a day to phone icons, but with Emoji usage in marketing messages increasing at an annual growth rate of over 775%,it is hardly a surprise. As you probably know, Emojis are small icons used with text on digital devices, often symbolising emotion and activity. Consequently, they are a fun and quirky way for brands to humanise themselves and gain better relations with consumers. A humanised brand can increase recognition and make consumers feel more connected, so with that in mind, which ones should you be using?

Using Emojis to inform consumers is a far more enlightening and aesthetically pleasing method than text. Additionally, it can save character spaces which are limited on social networks such as Twitter. The example below displays how using an; activity, location, date, time, weather, and transport Emoji can share the same message in significantly less characters.

? Ed Sheeran
? O2 Arena
? Saturday 21stJuly
⏰ 19:00
? Sunny Spells
? North Greenwich Station

Check out an actual industry example to the left from Harlequins Rugby Union Club demonstrating how creative uses of Emoji can provide really effective content and increase engagement.

Think you know everything about Emoji now? Test yourself. How many of these did you know existed?

The Speech Balloon:

Although you may have seen it when someone is typing on iMessage, the speech balloon can actually be used to enhance engagement on your post, creating a call to action for people to interact with your content by commenting.

?  ? Arrow Narratives:

These arrow narratives although may be slightly more well-known can be very useful for announcements. For example, ‘Soon’ can be used in preparation to a major announcement such as new products, tour dates and promotional offers.

? The Siren:

Similarly to its authentic use, the siren can be used to attract people’s attention. Brands will find this useful for advertising sales promotions and other important ‘Must Read’ posts. However, be cautious of overusing it.

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