It’s that time of the year again when brands pull about the stops for the best April Fools jokes.

Here is a round-up up of the years best videos.

Costa and a Kip – Costa are trialling the Ostrich Pillow which allows customers the chance to have a quick nap during the 2PM/3PM slump.

T-Mobile Pets Unleashed – For only $5 a month, T-Mobile will give you the chance to communicate with your pets in more ways than you could ever have imagined

Playstation Flow – The ultimate in-game swimming experience with the new revolutionary Playstation flow device.

MotoSelfieStick – Motorola give you the behind-the-scene look at their hand crafted selfie sticks.

Domino’s Driverless Delivery Vechile – Boasting a tree-hugging eco-electric Heatwave 2.0 system that carries more piping-hot pizza than ever before, Dominos presents the #DomiNoDriver.

BMW Designed Mouthguard Tested By Chris Robshaw – BMW have developed the ultimate rugby mouth guard which will be rolled out in the lead up do the biggest event in rugby.