When setting out on your journey to find the best video marketing agency for your latest video, there are three factors which we generally consider to be the most important: cost, time and results. Each are, of course, vital – we need to know that the agency we choose are going to fit within our budget, and deliver the results needed within a certain time frame – however, there are more factors to consider, which can be equally as important. Below are four more reasons you should explore when it comes to considering what makes a good video seeding agency.

Creative, talented and professional

You’ve poured all of your creativity into a video, and now you’re ready for the world to see it, so it’s important that the video marketing agency you choose to work with are equally as creative, talented and professional as you are. Do they have a website? Do they show enthusiasm about you/your agency and your video? A good agency should be bursting with ideas, and with their industry knowledge behind them they may even offer suggestions on how to make your video even better.


A strong agency should be able to demonstrate straight away the knowledge they have and what they will be able to do to help showcase your video to the world. Make sure they know the current digital marketing landscape, which is ever changing. Do they know their Tik Toks from their stories and which influencers would sit best with your content?

Proven track record

It’s okay to talk the talk, but the agency has to prove that they can walk the walk, too. Make sure they can demonstrate how they’ve worked with similar videos to yours in the past, and how they contributed towards its success. Do they have testimonials? Have people written about them and sung their praises elsewhere online?


We all know what it feels like to be ghosted, and when you’re approaching agencies it’s vital that you’re comfortable with how often they communicate, and how they communicate. Do they respond quickly to your initial enquiry? Do they take a few days to respond to your email, or never call back when you leave a voicemail? When you hire an agency to work on your campaign, you want them to be dedicated – and that means they must have strong communication with you, because if they’re not communicating with you, can you really be confident that they’re communicating with websites and influencers, too?

At Viral Seeding we have a team of experts who live, work and play creativity. We have a catalogue of case studies which prove our effectiveness, delivering campaigns which have been seen by tens of millions of people.

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