The pumpkins are carved, the sweets are waiting beside the door for trick-or-treaters, and the lights are turned down low. Check out our selection of some of the spookiest videos from around the internet:

The Torment | Short Film by Direct Line

Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and Hot Fuzz star Alice Lowe directs a spoof horror movie about a woman who faces the horrifying shame of scratching her car…

Horror Movie Stereotypes - GEICO Insurance

Geico explore the world of slasher movie cliches, with a group of teens running from a killer and discussing whether they should run upstairs, hide behind the chainsaws or simply drive away. Effective horror spoof with an eye-rolling Jason-esque killer.

Burger King | The Spirit Taste Test

Burger King aren’t afraid to do things a little different, and this year they decided to hire a psychic medium who allows himself to be possessed, so the spirit has a chance to try out the new Whopper burger and describe it as filth…

Nest Hello doorbell - Monster Audition

For Halloween Google decided to hire a real monster to be the voice of Nest Doorbell. Very funny and unique ad!

Skittles ))) Witch

Skittles’ Halloween offering features Stranger Things and Jurassic World actor Matt Cardarople annoying a witch for the Skittles she promised him. Skittles do what Skittles do best: weird.

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