Welcome back to the top 10 viral videos of the week!

10 – President Obama took part in another edition of Mean Tweets on the Jimmy Kimmel show:

9 –  If your flying in a wing suit … probably not a good idea to go too close to the trees:

8 – The National Autistic Society shows the pressure on people with Autism when applying for jobs:

7 – Someone has destroyed Donald Trump’s hollywood star:

6 – Sergio Aguero was embarrassed in the Manchester derby as he was outpaced by a 35 year old Michael Carrick:

5 – They pranked their dog with a skeleton for Halloween:

4 – They gave their mum a virtual reality headset and her reactions are priceless:

3 – Trump fans really struggle to say something nice about Hilary Clinton:

2 – Martha Stewart, Snoop Dog and Anna Kendrick took part in a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ on the Ellen show:

1 – Lady Gaga reminded us all of just how ‘crazy’ she can be in a carpool karaoke: