Virtual Reality may be relatively new and expensive, but that hasn’t stopped advertisers from embracing the technology and creating unique, engaging content. Whilst VR is best experienced using the likes of the Oculus or Playstation VR, smart phone users can also watch and interact with content, which means advertisers can reach a wide audience whilst making the most out of the complex tech.

We’ve trawled the web for the best ads which have embraced VR, so check out our Top 5 uses of VR in advertising below:


5 – Royal Navy

This 6 minute film puts the viewer in the position of a sailor and explores the various sights and sounds that you would experience in the Royal Navy, including flying in a helicopter and taking part in drills. Unlike other films that promote the military, THREE SIX ZERO doesn’t glorify the experience, and certainly utilizes the VR technology in a very effective way. You may be observing, but it’s a fascinating insight into what life could be like if you chose to join the Royal Navy:


4 – Amarula

In what is way too much of a stunning video for a booze brand, this Amarula VR video showcases the stunning sights of Africa. From fantastic lightning storms and beautiful hot air balloon rides, to majestic animals and even a distillery, this is a deeply immersive VR experience which makes me jealous that I may never get to visit the continent. It may be a VR ad for an alcoholic drink, but it uses the tech superbly well:


3 –

Swiss property website asked children to draw their dream homes, and the results were exactly what you might expect. The homes were full of imagination, including a giant strawberry house with a slide coming down from the roof and a giant tree house with a garden full of sunflowers. The designs were then recreated in VR, so the kids could take a walk through their dream homes. It’s a simple idea, but full of heart and character, and showcases some of the unique and ingenious ways that VR can be used in marketing and development.


2 – Google

Google partnered with Wallace and Gromit creators Aardman to produce this animated VR film about a caretaker being disturbed by Santa Claus. It’s a light-hearted and funny short film, and it requires multiple viewings to make sure that you see everything going on. Highly recommended VR viewing for adults and children alike, which doesn’t rely on scares or gimmicks to entertain.


1 – Samsung

The message may be a little confused, but the use of VR in this public awareness film from Samsung is frighteningly effective. The VR places you right in the centre of a rip tide as the narration gives you information on how best to deal with the situation. This one is best viewed with Google Cardboard or better, because it is enough to make you think twice about rushing into the water. It’s like Jaws without the shark: