At Viral Seeding, as well as working with brands, we work closely with PR and video production agencies to support and boost their client campaigns. We know from experience that outsourcing can be a life saver, particularly if there is a video element to a campaign, the brief is challenging, or workload has suddenly gone through the roof. But how exactly can we support your client’s campaign?

Secure coverage

Unlike many agencies, we can guarantee a minimum amount of coverage and will keep working until we reach that number. Usually, we secure more than the minimum, so you’ll be able to tell your client they’ll be getting at least X amount of coverage.

As we’ve been in the business for years, we’ve got a network of strong contacts and know the best way to sell in your work to secure great coverage. But maybe you’re worried about where coverage will land? To ensure there are no surprises, we’ll pull together an outreach list based on your brief and target audience and provide this for sign off ahead of the campaign launch.

Get views

We can run and handle all the views promotion and advertising across your chosen social media channels. Need 10,000 views on YouTube, we can do it. Want 100,000 views on Facebook, you bet. Would like 5,000 views from CEOs in London, we’ll run a LinkedIn views promotion for you.


We’ve been seeding videos for a decade, so have a good idea about videos that’ll work well for seeding and those that won’t. If you’re involved in the creation of video content for a client who might be looking to seed the video, then it’s a good idea to get the opinion of a digital PR or seeding agency as to how well the video might be received. We’re able to give feedback at any stage of content creation from idea conception to reviewing the final film to see what angles would work best for the pitch.

Provide support

Essentially, we’re here to make life a little easier for you. We can report on the progress of the campaign as often as you would like and can provide a coverage document in your style or ours once the campaign is completed. We are often able to work on campaigns last minute so, if you need a little extra support, get in touch.

About Viral Seeding

Viral Seeding is a specialist content seeding agency.

We regularly work alongside in-house and agency teams and can be white-listed if needed. If you are interested in working with us on your next campaign, please get in touch.